Dmytro V. Tsolin. Transformation of Poetical Lines of the Song at the Sea (Exod. 15:1–18, 21) in the Targum Onkelos

Transformation of Poetical Lines of the Song at the Sea (Exod. 15:1–18, 21) in the Targum Onkelos

By Dmytro V. Tsolin

(National University of Ostroh Academy, Ukraine)

Source: Judaica Ukrainica 3 (2014): 5–23

Publication date: December 1, 2014

Publication type: article

Language: English

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The translation of biblical poetry in the Targums is still an insufficiently explored area of targumic studies. Some research into the unique nature of targumic poetry show that ancient translators followed certain rules in their rendering of biblical poems into Aramaic. On the one hand, the translational technique in the Targums exhibits a tendency to imitate ancient Hebrew poetry (the parallel verse structure, use of chiasmus in architectonics, and so forth), and, on the other hand, original poetical forms underwent changes in the Aramaic versions. The main patterns of the targumic verse structure are considered in this article on the material of the Song at the Sea (Ex. 15:1–18, 21) in Targum Onqelos.

Keywords: Biblical Studies, Targum Onkelos, Book of Exodus, Biblical Hebrew Poetry, Song at the Sea



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DOI 10.14653/ju.2014.01