Богдана Пінчевська (переклад із польської, вступ і коментарі). Національна самосвідомість у єврейському мистецтві Львова в художній критиці 1919–1920 років

The National Identity of the Jewish Art of Lviv in the Art Criticism of 1919–1920

Translated from Polish by Bogdana Pinczewska, with her introduction and commentaries

(Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv)

Source: Judaica Ukrainica 2 (2013): 207–221

Publication date: December 1, 2013

Publication type: source publication

Language: Ukrainian

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This publication contains a translation of four articles of socio-cultural personalities of the national Jewish revival of Lviv in 1919–1920s. Each of them en-compassed the various aspects of the formation and development of a secular Jewish art in Eastern Galicia, in the context of similar processes taking place in Western Europe. Two articles of the Zionist Enlightenment figure Maximilian Binenshtok, — “Art and Belief” (“Sztuka a wiara”) and “Jewish Art and Society: The Impressions of the Exhibition” (“Sztuka Żydowska a społeczeństwo (refleksye powystawowe)”) — concern the aesthetic and practical aspects of exhibition activities of Jewish artists in Lviv in the early 1920s. The article of art critic Henrik Lilien, “On Jewish Art” (“O sztukężydowską”) is a condensed version of lectures under the same name, delivered to Lviv’s “circle of worshipers of Jewish art.”
In addition, the article under the pseudonym Dr.M.W.Ro...ld, “Jewish Society and the Arts” (“Społeczeństwo Żydowskie a sztuka”), was probably written by the Zionist Max Rosenfeld, who collaborated with M.Binenshtok. This publication, addressed to readers of the popular Jewish periodicals of Lviv, argues in favor of the legitimacy of Jewish art. The introduction and commentary introduces the reader of this publication to features of secular Jewish art in Eastern Galicia, from the biographies of creative artists through the history of the art initiatives in Lviv between 1910–1920.



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