Таїсія Сидорчук. Маєр Балабан і “Chwila”: двадцять років співпраці

Majer Balaban and Chwila: Twenty Years of Cooperation

By Taissa Sydorchuk

(National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy")

Source: Judaica Ukrainica 2 (2013): 187–206

Publication date: December 1, 2013

Publication type: article

Language: Ukrainian

Full text: 



This article concerns the cooperation between the well-known his-torian of Jewish origin, Majer Balaban, on the one hand, and the Polish-language Zionist daily newspaper Chwila on the other. This newspaper was published in Lviv during the time span of 1919–1939. The author prepares the first bibliography of all the materials of M.Balaban, which were published in Chwila.
Balaban, Majer Szmuel (1877, Lviv — 1942, Warsaw) was the famous historian, bibliograph, educator, and founder of modern Polish-Jewish historiography. He is well-known as one of the founders of the Institute for Jewish Studies in Warsaw. He had published outstanding fundamental research works and many popular essays which appeared regularly in the Jewish press. M. Balaban inserted dozens of his essays in the Polish-language Zionist daily Chwila. Together with other scholars and journalists, such as Emil Igel, Lewi Freund, Oziasz Tillemann, Leon Gutman, Jecheskel Lewin, Artur Lauterbach, Henryk Hescheles, Maxmillian Goldstein, Ludwik Oberlaender, Ignacy Schiper, Jakub Schall, and Ozjasz Tilleman he contributed to Chwila for twenty years, from the beginning of the creation of Chwila in 1919 until its liquidation in 1939. Balaban devoted his essays to the general history of Polish Jewry, Jewish culture and heritage, and religious movements. He also investigated the political activity and cul-tural life of the prominent representatives of the Jewish people. The articles by Majer Balaban in Chwila contain important information about the history of East Europe-an Jewry, especially Galician Jews, and were evaluated by his grateful contemporaries.



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