Михаил Агапов. “…Добиться разрешения на выезд из России евреев”: из истории отношений еврейской Палестины и СССР в годы Второй мировой войны

“…To Obtain the Permission to Leave Russia for the Jewish People”: A Case from the History of the Relation between Jewish Palestine and the USSR during World War II

By Mikhail Agapov

(Tyumen State University)

Source: Judaica Ukrainica 1 (2012): 182–200

Publication date: December 1, 2012

Publication type: article

Language: Russian

Full text:



The first diplomatic contacts between Jewish Palestine and the USSR occured during World War II. The Soviet–Zionist cooperation based on the common fight against Nazism contributed to the development of their comprehensive interaction. Some Zionist leaders considered that under these circumstances the ideological difference between Communism and Zionism could be bridged. From the point of view of the Jewish Palestine leadership, the most important aspect of the Soviet–Zionist dialogue was the issue of granting the right to emigrate to Soviet Jewish. However, the Soviet government turned down all Zionist proposals of this matter. A compromise was achieved only with respect to stateless Jewish refugees who had been evicted from the occupied Poland to “the area of Soviet interests” by the German army in 1939. Large portions of these Jewish refugees left the USSR into Anders army in 1942–1943. The leaders of Jewish Palestine were unable to achive any of the tasks set with regard to Moscow on the whole: the Soviet government refused the Zionist Organization to effectuate activity in the USSR; did not allow to propagandize any information about Jewish Palestine among Soviet Jewish and adamantly refused to discuss the permission to leave the USSR for Soviet Jewry.



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