Михайло Гаухман. “Криві дзеркала”: дискурси антисемітизму в громадському житті Російської імперії 1903–1914 рр. (на прикладі Правобережної України)

“Distorting Mirrors”: Discourses of Anti-Semitism in Public Life of Russian Empire in 1903–1914 (on the Example of the Right-bank Ukraine)

By Mykhailo Gaukhman

(Luhansk Regional Museum of Local Lore)

Source: Judaica Ukrainica 1 (2012): 111–141

Publication date: December 1, 2012

Publication type: article

Language: Ukrainian

Full text:



The article analyzed the chief anti-Semitist discourses on the early XX century which include 1) the discourse of “Jewish Exploitation”; 2) the discourse of “Little Russians’ Jewish Flutter”; 3) the discourse of “World Jewish Conspiracy”; 4) the discourse of “Jewish Revolution”; 5) the discourse of “Jewish Race”; and 6) the discourse of “Blood Libel”. These discourses were spread by representatives of conservative forces – bureaucracy, orthodox clergy and intellectuals-monarchists – in the texts of official documents, newspapers’ articles, anti-Semitic treatises, verses, and public and court speeches. The starting point of conducting discourse-analyze was texts which are concerned with the Right-bank Ukraine. Thus we conclude that anti-Semitist discourses were “Distorting Mirrors” of the modernization processes, which were viewed by representatives of conservative forces as Jewish inspirations. Russian nationalists constructed their own images of “Jew” as the image of modernization processes, which were threads for the autocratic regime.



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